Sally Elizabeth

Dip. Integrative Counselling
PQ Dip. Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE)
Dip. Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Long term Member BACP - registered
General Hypnotherapy Register no.1890 - SeniorQHP,
Accredited by the National Register for Hypnotherapy
BACP Register of approved Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Professional therapy in a safe, confidential and healing environment



Counselling for individuals and couples. Counselling for relationships, stress, loss/bereavement/grief, 'stuck', personal growth, dysfunctional patterns, low confidence, mild to moderate depression, and an array of personal emotional concerns. Hypnotherapy for individuals if desired/relevant.

Client Base coverage:

Horsham, Crawley, Worthing, Shoreham, Pulborough, West Chiltington, Coolham, Southwater, Ashington, Billingshurst, Storrington, Steyning, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Findon, Arundel, Petworth and West Sussex and Surrey surround.

If you have been referred to or drawn to my on-line brochure then the chances are that you are currently finding that life is particularly challenging right now - either because of a current crisis, maybe a decision that change is needed, a relationship problem or because you finally want to look at some underlying issues or life experiences that need to be understood and healed. 

I work face-to-face in short or medium term therapy with individuals and couples.

As a member of the BACP you are assured of a confidential and non-judgmental environment for anyone regardless of their ethnicity, religion/spirituality/faith, disability or sexuality.


There are points in our lives when we all have personal pain, difficulties or challenging life situations. At these times, it can feel as though we are in a lonely and desperate place. Whilst we are immersed in our worries, it can be impossible to see that not only do we have our own power to overcome our problems, we can actually also learn and grow from these experiences.

Problems vary in intensity and impact but if they are preventing you from being the 'real you' and leading the life that you wish to lead, then you are being held back.  These may be problems that suddenly appear as a life crisis, or may be problems that you have been aware of for some time.

My clients come from all walks of life and although there are common themes in terms of their problems, each client's story is completely unique.

These are some examples of some more frequent problems that I deal with using counselling and hypnotherapy:

  • Marriage or relationship difficulties - individuals or couples -  including same sex couples
  • Debilitating anxiety or stress - sometimes from seemingly an unknown cause
  • A sudden trauma or crisis that throws us off centre
  • Being prone to negative thinking patterns
  • Bereavement or loss of a loved one, situation or a relationship
  • Dysfunctional family relationships or friendships
  • Life blocking fears, panic attacks or phobias
  • A feeling of being 'stuck', blocked or trapped in life without knowing why or how to move forward.
  • Lack of confidence or self-esteem that hold us back from achieving our dreams.
  • Feeling confused by a number of life choices and unable to make a clear decision.
  • Confusion over sexuality / Coping with sexuality
  • Gender confusion or related issues
  • A need for personal or spiritual development to try and understand yourself or give life meaning
  • Emotional pain from the present or the past that needs healing.
  • The desire to give up bad habits or patterns of behaviour - e.g. smoking
  • A need to understand anger and frustration from a known or unknown cause.
  • Low mood, mild to moderate depression and a general feeling of unhappiness.
  • Bullying
  • Abuse
  • Work or career problems
  • And so on...
No matter how big or small your problems may be, you are not alone; there are others who feel or have felt as you do and with the right support and guidance you CAN work to overcome your difficulties, transform your situation and better enrich your life.

Why Did I Call My Practice Alchymy Counselling and Hypnotherapy?

Please see more information under my What is Counselling? page and What is Hypnotherapy? page.

I have used the old English spelling of Alchymy using a Y. The most common spelling uses an E- Alchemy.

The term Alchemy comes from the ancient pseudoscientific practice of treating base metals in such a way as to transform them magically into gold. In this respect, alchemy was the art of transmutation, the transformation of a lesser substance (e.g. Lead) into a higher more valuable one (Gold).

So in psychological terms I have used the word Alchymy metaphorically to reflect the experiential process of personal transformation through counselling and or hypnotherapy. It is the journey to finding our own inner gold, inner strength and inner harmony through the exploring and bringing together of our experiences and inner and outer aspects in order to find our best self.  It is the journey of discovery of our valuable inner resources and capabilities that enable us to deal better with life and feel whole. I believe that the magical ingredient in the process of therapy is the therapeutic relationship that develops between the client and therapist.

(The Z in Sally Elizabeth and the dotted circular design are both alchemical symbols for Gold!)

Please do explore my other pages for more background information and see some of the comments from my previous clients under Testimonials.

Practice Number:  07761 154634 or landline: 01798 812073 

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