Session rates:

Initial 20-30 minute consultation: Free of charge and obligation


Session 1:

  • £70 for the first case history appointment of 2 hours
Session 2 onwards:
  • £60 for each of the following 1 and a half hour sessions.
  • £50 for clients choosing 1 hour counselling sessions.
Age 15-18: -  Counselling £35 for each 1 hour session.

Age: 19-25: £40 for each 1 hour session


£80 for the first one-off 2 hour case history session

Session 2 onwards: £65 for each 1 hour session and £75 for each 1 hour and 30 minute session.

Clients on benefits/low income/students:

  • I have a limited number of concessional spaces. Concessions to be discussed/agreed on an individual basis.

Session Length:

For individuals I offer either 1 hour or 90 minutes sessions for those over 18. 90 minute sessions have been increasingly appreciated over the years.

For couples my sessions are 1 hour  or 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Number of sessions:

All treatment programmes are unique and are tailored to the client's very specific issues and individual circumstances. Some clients want to work with Hypnotherapy and others prefer the pure Counselling route. I do not use hypnotherapy with couples.

For couples normally the minimum number of counselling sessions is 6.

For individuals, the average number of sessions is around 12 but sometimes it is medium or even long term if the client chooses.

With Hypnotherapy, some problems and conditions can be treated very quickly and effectively within as little as 4-6 sessions.  For example, some phobias, behavioural issues and pain control techniques can often be worked through with few sessions.

The average number of client sessions with hypnotherapy is around 6-8 but this will be discussed with you in the initial assessment session.

Treatments where more background exploration and counselling is required for problem identification and resolution, can take longer. Some clients prefer this medium term work; working at their own pace. I work in either the short term or medium-term.

At a free initial consultation we can explore your issues and talk about a potential programme that is right for you and your long term well-being.

Specialist Programmes for Hypnotherapy:

Smoking Cessation Treatment:

Initial free consultation: If required.

2 Sessions:

  • Session 1: Around 2 and a half´┐Ż hours
  • Session 2: Around 1and a half hours
Total Cost:
  • £200 

Childbirth Preparation/HypnoBirthing:

3 sessions in preparation for labour and delivery.  Includes relaxation techniques/self hypnosis, pain control methods and bespoke hypnotherapeutic interventions designed for each client.


  • £65 per session.

Telephone or On-line Counselling:

Currently offering face to face only

Fee Policy:

I sometimes say to clients to see their therapy as an investment in themselves and their lives. We may spend hundreds of pounds for an annual holiday and the effects of the break can be short lived. But it is difficult to put a value on the life changing effects that professional therapy and personal development can bring to our lives. And the benefits are permanent and fulfilling. It is our gift to our self.

Seminars and Workshops:

Because my practice is so busy, I am currently not running workshops or seminars.