Please find below just a selection of feedback that I have received from some clients in recent years.  I hope their stories will give you the strength to make a start with your own healing journey.

All client personal details are totally confidential.

Counselling Client:
"I really wanted to write to you to say such a big thank you for how you have helped and supported me over the past year or so. Your support and guidance has been life changing for me, and for that I will always be grateful. You have such a gift and I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of working with you. It is a real comfort to know that you are there, when needed. Thank you for that too."

Counselling and hypnotherapy Client:
"I found Sally’s flyer at my GP’s surgery and, having suffered from stress for some time - and, having already tried conventional counselling and acupuncture - knew that I had not yet found anyone who had tapped into my anxieties and the turmoil that they imposed upon my professional and private life.

Sally is quite different, and it quickly became apparent that not only was she an improvement upon the other people I had already seen, she was much quicker in identifying the root cause of my problems. Her ability to empathise was obvious, too.

I soon began to look forward to my sessions with Sally, since they were a weekly oasis of calm and balm and I always left her feeling better about myself, and more positive about the challenges that faced me.

In retrospect I wish that I had gone to see Sally two years earlier; conventional counselling may work for some and acupuncture certainly calmed me, but neither had a lasting effect whereas my sessions with Sally certainly did. I would commend Sally to anyone suffering from stress or anxiety, confident that they would quickly see an improvement - and that they would enjoy life more as a result."

Hypnotherapy and counselling client:

“ I wanted to let you know how I have been getting on. I have felt so much better over the last year. I am still seeing my boyfriend but I no longer need him to make a commitment for me to feel complete. I feel so much more relaxed and confident with myself. I am happy to enjoy our relationship each day as it comes.  I have taken all my medals and just passed my grade with distinction. I am still listening to your CD which I find is really helping me. Thank you for all your help."

Hypnotherapy Client - Spider Phobia

............(As you can see from the photo) I've had an encounter with a spider here, although this one isn't a huntsman ( only seen a small one of those in another
house! ) it was of a fair size and I was able to picture my hand next to it pretty calmly! A massive achievement with your help, thank

I'm very grateful to you!

Hypnotherapy and Counselling Client:

Thank you for all your help and support over the past year or so; I am so grateful. I cannot express the difference you have made to me. I am sure I will see you the journey is not over. Many thanks to you.

Hypnotherapy and counselling Client:

"Working with Sally has been a huge pleasure. Her amazing skills in helping people overcome their fears and release past issues has made such an improvement to my happiness and self confidence. The work I did with Sally enabled me to move on and pursue the career goals I had been hoping to achieve for many years. Sally also helped me tremendously during the birth of my child through 'Hypno-birthing' sessions. I felt completely calm throughout the birth experience and my baby was born in perfect health. I have now booked refresher sessions on preparation for the next birth! Thank you so much Sally!" 

Hypnotherapy and counselling client:

"An Angel from Heaven : “Do you feel you can work with me” ............. These were the words that brought tears to my eyes, Sally asked me this when I went for my consultation. Nobody had ever cared what I felt or thought before, and for a person to say such simple words that meant I really was somebody, it was the beginning of the journey that would change my life.

I have seen a handful of counsellors over the past 12 years and not one of them made me feel that they REALLY cared, like Sally has.  Clock watching, looks of boredom, no feedback (from previous counsellors), I felt more stressed coming out of their office than going into it!

The thought of Hypnotherapy was frightening but took me a lot further forward than just counselling alone. The mind is such a powerful creation and should not be taken for granted. You will be amazed what you are capable of and what you can achieve in life with knowledge, and the right guidance and encouragement."

Hypnotherapy and counselling client:

“An invaluable experience that has helped me to build confidence in all areas of my life and be truly happy with who I am. The hypnotherapy has and continues to be a helpful tool for dealing with everyday challenges and has been of excellent support to me. Sally enabled me to relax very quickly and provided a safe and confidential environment for me to discuss my issues.”

Counselling and hypnotherapy Client:

"I found you by accident really, looking for weight loss answers, and having not tried hypnosis before thought I would give it a try. As it turned out, weight wasn't the problem. Once in your company I realised what an emotional and mental trauma I was going through in my personal life. I feel you helped me see "me", helped me see that others put their insecurities on me and that I was not going mad. You helped me understand why others acted as they do. I now see things and people in a new light, see negativity in others and no longer feel the need to uplift or give so much of myself to their cause. Therapy opened new doors for me, by knowing what I want and what I will accept for myself. Having felt invisible most of my life, I now feel I am someone. It sent me on a whole learning curve of self discovery and now have the life I deserve. I do believe I had to go through the lesson, as heart breaking as it was, to be where I am today. To have your reassurance and understanding in the process has been a huge help and I believe gave me clarity to find my new path in life. I am pleased I also tried and was open to regression and rebirth. I’m truly grateful for your support and help throughout my personal crisis. I found your approach very special. I found it very spiritual. I felt it a safe and peaceful place to be, when I was in such a dark place myself."

Counselling and hypnotherapy Client:

"Sally ensured I felt comfortable and at ease right from our first meeting.  I felt that Sally had the right balance between guiding me through the sessions and letting me choose my own journey.  The hypnotherapy and other techniques that Sally used were very effective for me and allowed me to understand the causes of my anxiety attacks and in the end overcome them.  Sally was supportive, intuitive and understanding.  The therapy with Sally was exactly what I needed to help me through an incredibly difficult time in my life."

Counselling and hypnotherapy client:

“Wow, what a journey. Thank you. Your help has been invaluable!”.

Counselling and hypnotherapy Client

"Sally was recommended to me by a friend.  I had been in a dysfunctional relationship for over 7 years and despite numerous attempts and pleading from my friends I had been unable to end it.  Without ever making me feel embarrassed or telling me what course of action to take, Sally guided me through the process of addressing the issues preventing me from taking the final step and the aftermath that ensued when I was ready to take it.

I have no doubt that my personal wellbeing has been greatly enhanced by the time I spent with Sally as she was an invaluable support when I needed it the most.  I would recommend her understanding, kind and calming nature to anyone thinking of trying counselling or therapy.  Sally lets you set your own pace to the healing process and seems to know instinctively which is the best course and methods to take.  I have whole heartedly recommended her to a very close friend who is now one of Sally's clients."

Counselling Client:

"Thank you so much for your help and support over the last few months. I can see things differently now and feel more at peace".

Short term hypnotherapy Client:

“This time I have given up for good (smoking - had tried other techniques before). I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it and my friends can’t believe it. Thanks again. There is someone else who I know could do with your help so I’ll be in touch”

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Client:

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your support, advice and encouragement during the past year since I have been visiting you. I have got so much from our sessions together and I am hugely grateful to have found you. You have taught me how  to focus my mind, keep calm and put things into perspective. These are priceless gifts I'll work hard to keep. All the best to you Sally.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Client:

Dear Sally, I just wanted to say thank you for the way you are helping me. This is the first time that I have talked to someone in the UK that I feel cares for the way I feel, wants me to get better and can help me. Thank you.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Client:

Just to say thank you for everything you've helped me with over the past couple of months. I feel much happier now with how things are going and that is down to you being so good and being patient with me! I hope you are well and I will always call if I need a top-up, it is well worth it. Thank you once again! Everything's looking up!